The Area

The renown Alava enjoys in the wine world is well-deserved. The Rioja Alavesa brand is recognised and highly considered around the globe. In birding terms, the province of Alava lies on a number of important migratory routes for birds and during the autumn and winter one can see spoonbills, cranes, black storks and many more species on their migrations towards the south. Moreover, Alava represents an area of transition between the Mediterranean climate of the Ebro Valley and the Atlantic climate of the Cantabrian coastline to the north. And due to climate change, today there are more and more sightings of Mediterranean birds such as Bee-eaters, Great Spotted Cuckoos, Rollers and so on, in the northern part of the province.

Besides the pleasure of observing birds, bird-watching is a way of enjoying nature, both alone and in the company of others. When one goes out bird-watching, one enters into contact with nature and it is an opportunity to forget one’s problems, listen closely to oneself and follow the changing seasons, the interaction between all living things and the eternal cycle of birth, procreation and death. Without doubt, birding has a great therapeutic value.

In “Days of Wine and Birds” our intention has been to combine the best aspects of these two, exciting worlds to create a unique, unforgettable experience. We will enjoy the fantastic experience of seeing birds among the vineyards of the Carravalseca Lake and discover the origins of wine in the town of Laguardia. We will visit the oldest civil building in Laguardia, Casa Primicia, and taste wines in the marvellous wine cellars of Casa Primicia, where we will discover the real history of wine.