The Guide

Brian Webster

Born in Philadelphia USA and brought up in Newbury, Berkshire, I have lived in Alava, one of the three provinces of the Basque Country, since 1974.

I have been interested in birds and photography since I was an adolescent in England in the 60s but it was not until about five years ago that I started taking bird photography seriously for the first time.

I am a member of the Spanish Ontological Society (SEO) and take part in the censuses of breeding and wintering birds in Alava and La Rioja. I am also a member of the Nature Institute of Alava (IAN) and collaborate actively in its activities.

For me it would be an honour to be your guide on this unforgettable experience where we will discover the "true history of wine" through the history of Bodega Casa Primicia and enjoy the marvellous experience of bird watching among the vineyards around the endorheic lake of Carravalseca.

You can find more information on my personal website:

Wine & Birds Tour