Carravalseca Gardens

This is one of the most wonderful locations in the Rioja Alavesa. It features the three most northerly endorheic lakes (formed solely by rainwater) in the European Union. Here, in this unique place, Bodegas Casa Primicia offers you the opportunity of enjoying an exceptional sensory experience.

You will experience new sensations and feelings. Purple Herons, Night Herons and Bee-eaters are just some of the birds you will be able to see against the backdrop of the magnificent Cantabria mountain range. Visit our vineyards. Touch the leaves of the vines with your hands and enjoy the views of the surrounding landscape and the town of Laguardia. Go down into the subterranean wine cellars of Casa Primicia, where you will discover the origins, the essence and true history of winemaking. Enjoy wines produced from vineyards planted around a natural, endorheic lake, a wine that fills everyone who is involved in its production with pride and satisfies everyone who tries it.


Welcome to “Days of Wine and Birds”.

CARRAVALSECA is a new project that brings together the wonderful world of bird watching and the chance to discover the true history of the wines of the Rioja Alavesa.