Best Of Wine Tourism Award

"Respect, coherence and restraint". This is how the jury summed up the restoration work that this emblematic winery in Laguardia has carried out on what has become an icon and symbol of the winery and a source of pride for the Villa de Laguardia; the historic Casa Primicia.

The meticulous and painstaking restoration work that Bodegas Casa Primicia has carried out on the emblematic building “Casa Primicia” (11th century) has been acknowledged in the form of the maximum award in the Architecture, Parks and Gardens section. 500 years later, Casa Primicia still evokes an extraordinary and incomparable sensation when one crosses the threshold of the old winery.

Moreover, the jury wanted to highlight the great value of the Bodegas Casa Primicia project and the magnificent gardens set among vineyards planted around the endorheic basin of Carravalseca. A true oasis of peace surrounded by a vineyard of more than 10 ha in which up to 7 different grape varieties coexist.

Carravalseca is a project that inspires great passion.
Come and try it, come and experience it.